Here and Now Membership

Seedlings: Here & Now would like to welcome you all to our new members subscription offering. We hope you enjoy growing your wellbeing toolkit with us.

There is a lot of new and exciting content being created all the time and we are excited to share this with you.

Coming up in September we have ‘Back to School’ focused content which is being made to support your children in this transition after the last few months which have been unusual to say the least!
We love to hear your feedback and want to support your children’s wellbeing across all needs and situations…

Please do feel free to message us with specific requests on our Instagram page and Facebook page.
We’d LOVE to see your wellbeing BODY, MIND and IMAGINE moments shared too!

Our new Family hub has activities for you to enjoy together as family and don’t forget to check in with the Little Offerings page which is regularly updated with extra content.

£11.67 every 3 months

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