Family Wellbeing activities for you to enjoy in our Wellbeing HUB

Here and Now

Each four weeks we will explore a new theme and every week there will be
BODY: yoga poses, MIND: Mindful activities and IMAGINE: Calm reflection activities/thoughts for your children to explore across each age group.
There is a weekly BODY yoga flow which brings all five poses together in some gentle movement.

The beauty of Here and Now is that you can enjoy each weeks content in a way that suits your child(ren) and your family.
You can choose how and when to do them; you may like to spread them out across the week or devote one day to learning the poses and ending with the video or spread them throughout the seven days of the week.

Explore what works for you and your family – morning or afternoon – whatever means you can enjoy some wellbeing in your home…
Members also have access to the ever-growing: Wellbeing Resource page (Little Offerings) which includes: themed yoga and mindfulness e.g: Yoga for staying positive and Mindfulness for feeling calm.

Finding joy in movement. Yoga and Mindful Movement to develop balance, posture, flexibility and positive body awareness. Fostering understanding in the importance of exercise; the connection between positive mood and regular movement.

‘Mindful Moment’s’ to grow and develop the ability to find calmness in the mind and in the body with short age-appropriate activities and exercises. Exploring the benefit’s of stillness and how to ‘pause’ in our busy world.

Reflective/creative activities and exercises. Exploring our four week themes in an imaginative way. Carefully building a positive, resilient mindset as well as well as teaching tools to tune in and respond to your mind and body. Developing emotional language, expression and emotional intelligence in fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities.