Seeds - Rainbow 3

A very warm welcome to the third week in the Rainbow series.
We are now half way through the Rainbow Series- have you noticed any patterns with the Body (yoga) in the poses and their corresponding colours?
Are their poses which you have especially enjoyed?
We would love you to share you favourite pose with us. When do you like to enjoy the ‘Mindful Moments’?
 How do you feel after a Mindful Moment activity?
Click on the boxes below to find out this week’s; daily yoga poses, mindful moments and imagine activities.

Day 1 - Yellow

Yellow Chakra: Warrior 1

Yellow: You can

Yellow: I can

Day 2 - Green

Green Chakra: Bridge pose

Green: I am loved

Green: Love

Day 3 - Blue

Blue Chakra: Locust

Blue: I am Grateful

Blue: I am loved

Day 4 - Purple

Purple Chakra: Seated forward fold

Purple: I Am Enough

Day 5 - Pink

Pink: Legs up wall

Pink: Learning

Pink: Teach Something

Video of the week