Seedlings - Rainbow 2

A very warm welcome to the second week in the Rainbow series.
This week we will be continuing to explore the colours of the Rainbow, beginning with the colour blue.
Click on the boxes below to find out the daily yoga pose, mindful moment and a fun imagine activity.
We would love you to share what you enjoy doing the most on our Instagram page. Remember-we are looking to award the Seedling Wellbeing Warrior of the month with a prize and website feature so please don’t forget to send through your videos and photographs on the private Here and Now Seedlings Facebook page created for our Here and Now growing community- a chance for us to celebrate taking care of our wellbeing, share our experiences and support other like-minded families.

Day 1 - Blue

Blue Chakra: Camel Pose

Blue: Favourite Words

Blue: I speak

Day 2 - Purple

Purple Chakra: Downward Dog

Purple: Eye Spy

Purple: I See

Day 3 - Pink

Pink Chakra: Seated Twist

Pink: Understanding Yourself

Pink: I understand

Day 4 - Red

Red Chakra: Mountain Pose

Red: I feel Safe

Day 5 - Orange

Orange: Side Angle

Orange: I Eat

Orange: All My Feelings Are OK

Video of the week