Seedlings - Rainbow 1

Welcome to the first week in the Rainbow series. We are really excited to have you with us on this wonderful journey through the rainbow colours and what they mean in the chakra (body energy) system.

Over the next 20 sessions we will be exploring the colours of the rainbow, we will look at each colour and the corresponding chakra poses a few times to gradually build your knowledge of poses that benefit each colour (chakra) area. The mindful moments and imagine ideas will also explore the day’s theme even further to enhance the experience and maximise the learning experience and the benefits this brings. 

Today we will be beginning with the colour red as it is the first colour in the rainbow- click on the boxes below to find out today’s yoga pose, mindful moment and an exciting imagine activity.

Day 1 - Red

Red Chakra: Child’s pose

Red: Notice your breath

Red: Exploring Red

Day 2 - Orange

Orange Chakra: Dancer pose

Orange: Feelings

Orange: Foods

Day 3 - Yellow

Yellow Chakra: Chair pose

Yellow: Sunshine Breath

Yellow: I feel

Day 4 - Green

Green Chakra – Bow pose

Green: “What can’t I do yet…”

Green: I love…

Day 5 - Rainbow

Video of the week