Saplings - Rainbow 4

So, we have reached the final week in our rainbow series. We have explored each colour- the poses which relate to the colour and we hope that in practising the poses you are feeling good in your body. Here is a bonus special end of Rainbow series yoga session for you to enjoy using ALL of the Rainbow series poses.

At the end of this week we will announce our Wellbeing Warriors so please remember to post your favourite experiences from Mind, Body and Imagine adding the #seedlingswellbeingwarrior. I can’t wait to share our brand-new monthly theme THE ELEMENTS; consisting of Earth, Water, Sun and Moon with you next week!

Click on the boxes below to find out the daily yoga pose, mindful moment and an exciting imagine activity.

Day 1 - Rainbow

Frog Pose

Rainbow: Chakra Colours

Rainbow: Challenge

Day 2 - Rainbow

Reverse Warrior Pose

Rainbow: Poses

Rainbow: Remember

Day 3 - Rainbow

Day 4 - Rainbow

Updog Pose

Rainbow: Mantra Colours

Rainbow: Focus on Breathing

Day 5 - FINAL Rainbow

Half Pigeon Pose

Rainbow: Think

Rainbow: Yoga Sequence

Video of the week