Saplings - Explore Europe - The Netherlands

Welcome to the next part of Explore Europe as we slowly make our way through our closest continent ‘Europe’.

In this series IMAGINE explores: The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece and Austria- including art, music, language and dance. In BODY we are exploring back bends, balances, twists and exploring our hips. Our MIND section has lots of mindful moment audios to enjoy as many times as you wish- finding some calm time each week.

In our next series we are creating a BACK TO SCHOOL focus to help with the transition back into the classroom and support children with any worries they may have around this (during September) before returning to explore some more of Europe….we very much hope you enjoy the suggested activities..

Affirmation for this week: I AM WORTHY
Repeat your affirmation to yourself every day this week

Supine Twist both legs and single

Thread needle pose

Cobra Pose

Rag doll pose

Downward dog pose

Twist dog pose


Take some time today and think about your unique qualities.

Whatever they may be- what are your strengths, what are your talents. They are different in all of us.

Once you decide on your top three write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them. You could decorate the words, paint them or even make them out of clay or paper mache for example…


1. Can you explore The Netherlands? Find it’s capital city and make it in your seedlings passport. Explore and research some local food.

2. The Netherlands is famous for it’s Windmills. Can you use this template to design your own Windmill?

3. Can you find out what wind power is and how it works? How is wind power used? What do you think about this?

4. Van Gogh was a famous Dutch artist- can you find some flowers and see if you can paint them in his style? Look at his brush strokes. You could even use finger painting to try to create the effect he uses….his technique is called ‘impasto’….

5. Art projects for kids has a great windmill creating activity you can try it out below.

Little Offerings

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