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Saplings Rainbow 4

Saplings – Rainbow 4 So, we have reached the final week in our rainbow series. We have explored each colour- the poses which relate to the colour and we hope that in practising the poses you are feeling good in your body. Here is a bonus special end of Rainbow series yoga session for you …

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Saplings Rainbow 3

Saplings – Rainbow 3 A very warm welcome to the third week in the Rainbow series.We are now half way through the Rainbow Series- have you noticed any patterns with the Body (yoga) in the poses and their corresponding colours? Are their poses which you have especially enjoyed?We would love you to share you favourite …

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Saplings Rainbow 2

Saplings – Rainbow 2 A very warm welcome to the second week in the Rainbow series. This week we will be continuing to explore the colours of the Rainbow, beginning with the colour blue.Click on the boxes below to find out the daily yoga pose, mindful moment and a fun imagine activity.We would love you …

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Saplings Rainbow 1

Saplings – Rainbow 1 Welcome to the first week in the Rainbow series. We are excited to have you with us on this wonderful journey through the rainbow colours and what they mean in the chakra (body energy) system. Over the next 20 sessions we will be exploring the colours of the rainbow, we will …

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