Seedlings Wellbeing

Can you IMAGINE a life where someone had taught you how to calm and quiet your mind when you were feeling stressed, anxious or upset…but when you were a child?

At Seedlings Wellbeing our passion and our mission is to do just that.

We believe in giving young people the tools to quiet their mind and truly understand their bodies by showing them how to have healthy control over their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Using Yoga, Mindfulness with Growth Mindset language in our unique programme we give even very young children the ability to remain calm and centred, no matter what is happening in their world.

We believe that this leads to resilient, positive, happy and confident children.

Who wouldn’t want that for their families, schools and wider communities? Imagine the ripple effect…

With one in five children in the U.K suffering from mental health issues (NHS Direct July 2020) -we believe it is essential that this is addressed. The yoga and mindfulness movement has already begun and even the government are beginning to see and understand the powerful results.

At Seedlings Wellbeing we work with children of all ages. It is our dream to have our programme in schools and nurseries as part of the curriculum. Whether it’s anxiety, anger or low-self esteem…we are able to help. We believe in a preventative approach. Emotions are there to be learned from and understood, as opposed to leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed and withdrawn from the world.

Our schools programme, workshops and 1:1 sessions encourage feelings of calm and re-ignite the spark of happiness inside.

Our unique wellbeing content on the Seedlings Wellbeing App for children is designed to build confidence, develop resilience and grow self-esteem. With a unique fusion of yoga, mindfulness and fun learning we create engaging content for a variety of ages.

We believe in that wellbeing should be an essential factor in everyone’s life, planting the seeds at an early age; taking care of wellbeing: body and mind together.

“Julia is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. With her flexible methods she is able to apply the right ones to the appropriate circumstances to help build resilience and strength”.
Founder Julia Karnacz is a fully certified, RCM accredited Baby Massage Instructor, Baby and Children’s Yoga instructor and is a fully qualified Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance. She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and M.A Fine Art (Oxon). Prior to setting up Seedlings Julia spent 13 years as a Primary School Teacher and Early Years Head across London.